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"A Perfect Dental Illusion" Cudos to Jo Anna, who today granted me perhaps the best dental news ever! Two months or so back, I bit on a hard nut in a snack mix. I heard a pop and felt something "slip". What was THAT? In my hand, THAT was a nut, surprisingly rather hard. It looked the same as the other nuts in the mix; for a second I wondered, Was it somehow "semi-metal"? That's what it felt like. Eagerly looking in the bathroom mirror, I was relieved to find all of the "pop-slip" tooth together, in one piece and...convincing marks of a broad crack, although I had no discomfort or pain. Sure as you're born, I now owned a cracked tooth, due to lousy luck while--of all things--relaxing with an enjoyable snack. Boo hiss! I felt embarrassed and bummed out that apparently my teeth were much more brittle than I'd like. A forty-something friend had recently shared his surprise, cracking a tooth while eating. Was I developing "glass teeth", approaching sixty years on the planet? Gadzooks! Figured I should "think brittle teeth", when eating. I began to alter how (if not what) I ate, for example, carefully biting into an apple with the mouth-side opposite the crack, so not to make bad worse, by inducing pain or separating the cracked area from the tooth. At today's dental visit, Jo Anna's professional eye saw differently. I'd earlier sensed her careful method, attentive to detail. Unpersuaded by my amateur diagnosis, she shared likely, alternative reasons for the "cracked" area's distinguishing color, texture and so forth. Further, she supported how natural it was to have concluded my tooth cracked. The related JOLT I'd felt was likely due to ligament wrapping around the tooth, which can move on impact, adjusting like a Shock Absorber. Ah, now I see! Jo Anna's depth-understanding was more than a little help. Get this. Where earlier I sensed the fragility of older age's approach, I now knew of more, the benefits of dental shock-absorbers. Learning of this protective feature was encouraging. With Dr. Steinbecker's generous confirmation of a "perfect dental illusion", Jo Anna healed my mind, heart and spirit from a woeful misreading. For sure, I'll continue to be careful how I bite into food. My sincere thanks, Bill Allen

- Bill (William) A

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