Gum Disease Treatments in Winston-Salem, NC

Winston Smiles provides advanced treatments for gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Neglecting your gums can lead to infection and, ultimately, the loss of teeth. It’s important that patients do what they can to keep their gums healthy and disease-free. What leads to gum disease is bacteria that manifests in the deep pockets located underneath teeth. When infected with bacteria, these pockets, which should be supporting your healthy teeth, instead become weakened as the bacteria damages your jawbone and gum tissue.

It’s important to put gum disease treatment in the hands of a family dentist you can trust. Winston Smiles has helpful solutions for gum disease. We offer effective gum disease treatment that goes beyond simple brushing and flossing techniques. Reach out to Winston Smiles to find out more about these gum disease treatments, which begin with an examination and cleaning of your teeth before turning to advanced methods that target the bacteria found under your teeth in your gums. This will only be necessary if there’s evidence of infection and disease in your gums. Typically, this evidence will be localized to one small problem area while the rest of your mouth remains in good health. By targeting a small problem area for treatment, we at Winston Smiles can correct your periodontal issue in no time.

Signs of Gum Disease

Signs of gum disease in your mouth include inflammation of your gums, as well as irritation and bleeding. If these signs worsen, you will begin to experience greater issues in your mouth, such as the weakening and decaying of bone in your jaw and the receding of gum tissue. If this weakening and decaying continues, it puts your teeth at risk of falling out.

Helpful Treatments for Gum Disease

The treatments for periodontal disease available at Winston Smiles include root planning, which is scaling done to remove plaque and tartar from the gums under your teeth. In some cases, surgery will need to be scheduled in order to expose the roots under your teeth for full removal of bacteria.

We also offer treatments to correct receding gumlines, replacing tissue that has been lost with a gum graft that is placed carefully over the location of damaged gums. This will help improve the appearance of your gums and ensure future bone and gum loss does not take place.

Another treatment designed to improve the appearance of your gums is gum contouring. This is when an incision is made to pull your gums to a proper length. Sometimes, your gums will be too long and give you the appearance of short teeth. Gum contouring will fix this. Gum contouring will also prevent pockets from forming under your teeth. These pockets often become breeding grounds for bacteria. Eliminating these pockets will eliminate bacteria growth.

If you seek solutions to gum disease issues, contact Winston Smiles for treatment. We’re the emergency dentist to trust for urgent gum disease treatment solutions. We offer gum disease treatment for patients in Winston-Salem, NC; Greensboro, NC; High Point, NC; Clemmons, NC; Pfafftown, NC; Lewisville, NC; Walkertown, NC; Lexington, NC; Wallburg, NC; and Kernersville, NC. We’re also a trusted children’s dentistry, offering high-quality pediatric dentistry services to keep your kids’ teeth and gums healthy. Contact Winston Smiles to learn more about gum disease treatment and the other dental health treatments we provide in the Winston-Salem area.